Born from the crossroads of trade routes, Marrakech has been a hub of storytelling and creativity for hundreds of years. Abounding with iconic shooting locations, from the mystical Medina to its palm-filled hinterland, cinema is a crucial thread woven into the city’s cultural fabric. The advent of COVID19 and the resulting closure of cinemas has left local audiences with a thirst for the therapeutic pleasure of film-going. Our mission is to slowly and safely reopen Marrakech’s ability to savoure the seventh art. We envision a week long mini-festival with a daily audience capped at fifteen people, showcasing short films by student and emerging directors. The two hour ticketed events will include the screening of works selected by our jury, whose age, gender and ethnic diversity will reflect the inclusivity of Marrakech’s cultural scene. The short form will promote emerging filmmakers’ first cinematic outputs while leaving ample time for audience discussions. Though open to foreign submissions, our inaugural edition will focus on Moroccan talent, embodying the crucial lesson the current crisis has taught us about consuming local products, which includes visual culture. In an era where creatives across the globe are being told to abandon the pursuit of their dreams, we say that there has never been a greater need for them to keep on fighting through their art, and we are determined to create a platform to promote extraordinary cinematic talent. While we intend to start out small, we envision a healthier future in which we would scale up, featuring filmmakers from across the African continent and the world. In the meantime, we aim to create an intimate, captivating experience for our audience, with a focus on quality that will permeate our festival for years to come.



Ramia is a visual artist based in Marrakech, for whom the work can be considered as an artistic metaphor for an anthropological way of dealing with subject contexts and circumstances .

Her work has been shown in bienniales and festivals such as the Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art in Algeria and BJCEM (Italy), Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques festival (France), AlArd Festival (Italy), Festival International d’Art Vidéo(Mo), Video Art Miden (Greece), In-sonora (Spain) and Now and after 2018 (Russia). A graduate of the Fine Arts Institute of Tetouan, Morocco, she has worked on art projects in national and international residencies such LEVARE & BATTERE and Sulcis HUB in Italy, Institut Français in Morocco and Kiosko Air in Bolivia.